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A Sweet Engagement: Lewis and Christie's Giant Fudge Doughnut Proposal

Attention cake enthusiasts! We've got a delightful tale to share about two of our loyal Fisher & Donaldson customers, Lewis and Christie. Their love story recently took a delicious turn on the beaches of St Andrews, featuring a giant fudge doughnut. Here's how it all happened.

Lewis and Christie, together for 8 years, share a special connection with Fisher & Donaldson. Christie grew up in Inverness and was a 'Saturday Girl' in her local traditional Scottish bakery before moving to the East Coast for University. Fisher & Donaldson was almost ‘a taste of home’ for her. Lewis also recalls family holidays to St Andrews: "My Mum and Dad would bring my brother and sister to visit the town, get cakes, and play at the beach.”

Lewis’s Dad passed away four years ago. Fond memories of visiting St Andrews and Fisher & Donaldson mean that our cakes have a special place in the couple’s hearts. Lewis knew he wanted St Andrews and Fisher & Donaldson to play a part when he decided to propose!

Lewis had always envisioned proposing in St Andrews, a place filled with love and nostalgia for the couple. When he spotted our giant fudge doughnut, he knew it was the perfect addition to his beach proposal plan. Lewis explained: "Getting a box of cakes and eating them on the beach is always a highlight of our trip. When I saw that you were making a giant fudge doughnut, I knew I had to include it somehow!”

Christie had an inkling that something special was in the works when Lewis booked a stay at the Fairmount. But a giant fudge doughnut proposal? That was an extra surprise! Christie told us: "I definitely wasn't expecting such an original, delicious and slightly hilarious proposal! It meant the world to me that Lewis did something so personal to us and created a moment we will really cherish

The giant fudge doughnut didn't last long, enjoyed by the couple (and a curious seagull) over their three-day trip. And the cake love doesn't stop there; they're planning to include fudge doughnuts in their wedding next August. "We couldn't think of anything more perfect than a giant fudge doughnut wedding cake!”

Lewis and Christie's engagement story is a heartwarming blend of love, memories, and a shared passion for cakes. Their connection to St Andrews and Fisher & Donaldson made their engagement truly special, and we're honoured to have played a part in their sweet journey.

From the beaches to the historic town centre, and of course, our cakes, their story is a beautiful reminder of how the simple pleasures in life can create unforgettable moments.

Here's to Lewis and Christie, and to love, joy, and plenty of cake!


If you fancy celebrating an engagement, birthday, anniversary, Thursday (!) with a giant fudge doughnut, you can order one in our stores, at our Greens In-Store bakeries or via our office.

Call us on 01334 652551 or email:

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