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100 Years In The Baking...

“After more than 100 years in business, I am proud to share Fisher & Donaldson’s Sustainability Strategy, showing our commitment to creating a sustainable future for our bakery and our community.”

Chloe, Ben & Jade Milne

Fifth Generation Business Owners

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility:

  • Local Sourcing: Fisher & Donaldson will actively source ingredients from local producers and suppliers. By doing so, we support smaller businesses, promote a diverse food system, strengthen community ties, and keep our food-miles low.


  •  Employment and Training: Fisher & Donaldson can serve as a community hub by employing local residents and offering training to our employees both in house, through local colleges, and with the help of Scottish Bakers.


  • Work-Life Balance: Prioritize staff well-being by encouraging a reasonable work/life balance. This includes fair wages, flexible hours, and opportunities for growth.


  • Community Engagement: By fostering partnerships with local schools, colleges, and social enterprises we can help nurture the next generation of bakers and makers. 


  • Charity Work: Fisher & Donaldson will choose key charity partners that support local causes to work with throughout the year. We will encourage our own customers, both retail and wholesale, to be a part of fundraising campaigns for these key charity partners. We will support charities through donations, fundraising campaigns, and donation of products.

Environmental Sustainability:


  • Waste Reduction: Implement a waste reduction program across our retail, admin, and production facilities. Strive for a zero-landfill site.


  • Energy Efficiency: Switch to energy-efficient practices to reduce energy consumption. Set and achieve recycling targets, improve energy efficiency, and measure the bakery’s carbon footprint. 


  • Water Management: Focus on water reduction and conservation.


  • Renewable Energy: Explore renewable energy sources to further reduce the bakery’s environmental impact. Expand the existing solar panels to maximise production of solar energy.


By integrating these practices, Fisher & Donaldson can contribute positively to both its community and the environment while maintaining a sustainable business model.

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