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Who's been lockdown baking?

Lots of you, by the looks of it! Over lockdown we started bagging flour to sell and you guys went crazy for home baking, buying over 5,000 bags of flour and 1,000 bags of yeast. But what have you been baking? We'd love to know!

With school kids doing home learning, lots of parents took to the kitchen to get their kids clued up on recipes, perfecting their skills in measuring, accuracy and patience! Two schools even decide to test their pupils, and so we were called upon to judge both the Ceres and Balmullo Primary School Bake-Off competitions. It was certainly a tough decision in both competitions, and we definitely wish we could have tasted the bakes as they looked so delicious. The future of baking in Fife is in safe hands...

Just look at these! We were amazed to see such skills from all the youngsters who entered both Primary School competitions, with over 70 entries across the two. And we definitely didn't expect to see Viennese fingers or focaccia artwork - what talent on display, and a huge well done to the winners: Anya Raval, Prisca Rochester and Olivia MacNaughton from Ceres Primary and Cameron and Lewis Dickson, Tiago Wiff-Marshall and Annabel Barclay from Balmullo Primary.

It hasn't just been the kids trying their hands at baking. Graeme Cunningham from St Andrews donned a pinny and made treats for key workers, filming his daily bakes on Facebook under the name Beef's Bakery. We sent 'Beef' a bundle of bakery ingredients and some inspiration and he made some strawberry tarts...

And Graeme's not the only one who's been giving our strawberry tarts a run for their money. Because we can't deliver strawberry tarts we decided to get creative - or we should say, allow you to get creative - and we launched a strawberry tart DIY kit which over 300 of you so far have had a go at. Take a look at some of the tasty results...

And for the littlest ones out there we've also added a DIY gingerbread people kit, allowing you to decorate our gingerbread with chocolate and buttons. So fun, and super delicious.

We have loved seeing everyone getting their bakes on over lockdown. Long may it continue! You can get a whole host of home-baking ingredients from our online shop, and plenty of inspiration from our shop counters and Instagram feed!

We'd love to know what you're baking at home.

You can share your bakes with us using #FDhomebakes

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