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Back to school...

With graduating students and P7 and 6th year school pupils missing out on a normal celebration this year, we're thinking back to our school and uni days and have taken a trip down memory lane to coincide with the launch of our 'Class of 2020' celebration platter.

Prepare yourself for some seriously cute pics... they definitely looked more angelic then than they do now!

First up it's the boss. Mr Milne on the left here in his Madras College days when he played rugby, apparently. More suited to the golf course these days, we can't remember hearing much about his rugby playing and all we've seen is this one photo as evidence. Guess we'll need to take his word for it! Also shown are his daughters Chloe and Jade, who also now work for the family business. Their older brother Ben is at the helm of the bakery these days, but we could only locate a school photo of middle brother Ronan (always been the favourite) Milne. Just imagine a shorter-haired, taller version of his sisters and that's probably about right!

Next we have a smiling selection for you. Our Dundee, Whitehall Street customers will recognise Lynette right away, who turns out hasn't changed one bit! Then we have Sandra who has worked with us longer than she'll care to admit! And an absolutely adorable snapshot of Julie who manages our HR. Top marks for grins and pristine uniforms ladies 👍

Cheer up Tommy! Not looking too keen to be photographed at school here, we just hope he waves off his orders with more of a smile on his delivery rounds 😄 And what a belter from sisters Leanne and Ellie from their Castlehill Primary days - you'll recognise them both if you shop with us in St Andrews or Cupar. And say hello to baker Pavla, here at her graduation - a change from flour-covered whites!

The cheekiest school pic award goes to Rebekah from our confectionary team. No competition, just look at that point! And we reckon Caroline must have graduated just last week as our Cupar customers will see she hasn't aged a bit. Our Crossgate customers will recognise Kim here, sporting a wee half-smile 😏 And just look at Jay's grin below, looking super happy about her brothers and sister heading off to primary without her! One of our Cupar customer favourites, she still sports that smile 😃

What a blast from the past it's been looking back at old school and university pics. Great memories we're sure. We created our 'Class of 2020' buffet platter to help families celebrate their children's achievements at home whether they're due to graduate from uni or finishing primary or secondary school. There's no better way to mark such an occasion than with cake!

Order online now for delivery or collection on Fri 26 June or Fri 3 July.

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My Wife ordered afternoon tea for my fathers day supprise, what a great time I had with all my family enjoying the feast.

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